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  • The People of Liverpool

    The city of Liverpool has a population of 494,000 yet in the urban conurbation of Merseyside this number grows to 2.4 million people. The city in the 1930s reached 850,000 but since many of the manual jobs have disappeared so have the numbers of people who live in the area. The people in the city are called “Liverpudlians” but they are also referred to as “scousers”. The reason for this is that many of the sea men used to eat a stew called lobscouse and from this the nickname stuck. Scouse also refers to the Liverpool accent which is unique and not heard anywhere also in the United Kingdom.

    The Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

    The city is melting pot of different ethnicities. Being a port and a relatively new city it has attracted a variety of migrants from around the globe. Liverpool’s early involvement with the slave trade resulted in a number of Africans settling in the port, and it has the earliest record of black settlers of anywhere in the country.

    There are black families in Liverpool who can trace descendants back 10 generations. There has also been recent migrants arriving from Africa and the Caribbean. The city is full of a variety of different nationalities but they are as welcome as possible as everyone has at some time been migrated into the city. This includes the white population and in 1813 10 % of the city’s population was Welsh and Liverpool was called the capital of North Wales. However although these numbers were large they were not as high as the numbers of Irish that entered the city during the mid-19th century.

    It was estimated that 2 million Irish people passed through the city on their way to the United States and many stayed. In 1851 20% of the city’s population were from Irish descent and the city today still attracts many people from both Wales and Ireland. Even if a Liverpudlian is born in the city there is a good chance that they will have relatives who once lived in one of these two countries.

    Hindus worship at this Mandir in Edge Lane

    In recent years there has seen new arrivals from different parts of the world to produce an even richer global mix. This is reflected in the places of worship that are available in the city and it is widely known that Liverpool is the most Roman Catholic English city. There are two Cathedrals in the city, with the Anglican Cathedral serving the city’s Protestants’ and the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral for the Roman Catholics.

    The city has several synagogues, temples mosques and Gurdwaras, which reflects the presence in the population of Jews, Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. The influence of Europe is also seen with their being large Polish and French populations.

    The average Liverpudlian is not too concerned with where a person is from and they themselves would have been affected by migration over time. The culture of the city has produced a population of great character who never take themselves too seriously.

    The city has produced many comedians and one of the reasons for this is that the city likes to laugh, both at itself, and others. Many hurdles have been crossed along the way to where people see themselves now, and this has brought character to the people of the city. There is a vibrancy about Liverpool and this is certainly due to the people who reside in it.