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  • Cafes and Coffee Shops in Liverpool

    Liverpool is bursting at the seams with coffee shops, so much so, that it is sometimes impossible to make up your mind on which one you want to visit for the day. There’s a cafe on every corner that’s willing to serve you up some of the best coffee and pastries that the U.K. has to offer. In Liverpool, there are coffee shops with views, coffee shops with outside patios, and coffee shops that serve lunch. There really is something for everyone. Cafes and coffee shops in Liverpool are perfect for people watching or meeting up with a friend. When frequenting coffee shops, I like to relax and get a little work done or use the free internet to play games on PlayOK or Pokerstarscasino. I love the fact that coffee shops are such peaceful places where you can get your caffeine fix, and here are the best ones in Liverpool to do so.


    The Carpathia Bar and Restaurant has a gorgeous rooftop terrace where people go to enjoy a nice cup of coffee as well as city views. Not only does this place serve coffee, tea, and prosecco, but it has delicious, fine dining as well. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner, with plenty of vegetarian and gluten free options available. Carpathia is one of the most highly-rated restaurants in all of Liverpool. When visiting this place, you’ll receive luxury service and have a breathtaking view of the skyline while dining on the roof. This is the place for you if you enjoy good drinks, hot coffee, live music, and outdoor seating.

    Mother Espresso

    Have a hot coffee and a good time at Mother Espresso

    Mother Espresso, located inside a coworking space in Liverpool, is a fairly new coffee shop with a minimalistic feel to it. It gives off a boho-chic vibe with its interior design. It’s a great place to hang out, have coffee and brunch. Mother Espresso serves up coffee, tea, and juice, and they’re homemade food selection offers everything from eggs and french toast to sandwich wraps. They also offer beer and wine. This is a hip spot that stays very busy during the day and all of the regulars know one another by name. This is a super inviting place where you’ll not only enjoy good coffee, but tasty food.

    Cook Street Coffee

    Cook Street Coffee is a popular cafe, especially for tourists visiting Liverpool. It is conveniently located and is easy to reach during rush hour, which makes it a staple that is always busy. Cook Street is known for their delicious food and one of a kind cappuccino. They offer delectable sandwiches, salads, bacon and eggs, as well as several vegan and vegetarian dishes. Anyone who visits this place brags on their friendly service. This is one of the best coffee shops to visit especially if you like comfortable, cozy atmospheres.

    Cafe Latino

    Cafe Latino is a favorite among Liverpool residents. Offering a wide variety of italian dishes of pasta, soups, and sandwiches, it’s no wonder this place is always packed. Customers brag on their tasty pizzas and garlic cheese bread. Cafe Latino is famous for their awesome staff and relaxing atmosphere. This cafe not only serves up coffee and cappuccino, but you can get tea and wine, as well. Desserts are also offered here. Guests can enjoy homemade puddings, cakes, and pies. If you’re impressed by home cooked meals, delicious coffee, and nice decor, visit Cafe Latino.


    This is one of the best cafes in all of Liverpool to go and enjoy a nice cup of tea. This cafe specializes in loose leaf tea and is always busy with repeat customers wanting to enjoy the atmosphere. LEAF is situated in a beautiful art deco building that has gorgeous designs. This place offers a mouthwatering menu throughout the day and a great drink variety at night. It’s tea list includes everything from Hilmari Imperial Gold Assam to Chilli Ginger Rooibos. Enjoy eggs benedict, pancakes, sandwiches, and seafood here. Also, beer, wine and fresh juices are served here as well. LEAF also caters to children with one of the largest kids’ menus in Liverpool. This is a must visit if you are looking for divine British cuisine.

    92 Degrees

    Busy cafe

    Situated only five minutes from the University of Liverpool, 92 Degrees, is always busy with students, teachers, and tudors. Ninety-two Degrees is the city’s first combined coffee shop and roastery. Tourists love to frequent this coffee shop after long walks. Menu items here include breakfast bagels, sandwiches, seafood, cakes and pies. They offer several vegan and vegetarian menu items as well. This place has a very intimate atmosphere where guests can come and relax after a long day at work or school. The staff is extremely friendly and energetic. This cafe is highly recommended for anyone wanting a good tea, latte, or coffee to go along with a light meal.