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  • Beatles Drummer Ringo Starr Turned 80

    Richard Starkey better known as Ringo Starr wrote his musical path as the legendary drummer of our bellowed band the Beatles. Recently, this man celebrated his 80th birthday. To make this occasion a special one, he invited numerous stars to make a benefit concert. Ringo Starr was in the overwhelming shadow of John Lennon and Paul McCartney in the 1960s. And yet he was the missing piece of the puzzle that ultimately mattered to make the band so shiny and popular. With his friend Paul McCartney, he is one of the last two surviving members of this band that many consider being the greatest of all time.

    Beatles Drummer Ringo Starr Turned 80

    From Mechanical Engineer To Worldwide Star

    Richard Starkey was born on July 7th of 1940 in a family of two workers who lived in Liverpool. While growing up, he understood that music might be the only way to escape that grey lifestyle. After all, Ringo was weak and ill as a child. After an apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer, he devoted himself entirely to playing the drums. He joined the local band called Rory Storm & The Hurricanes and met other members of The Beatles at a concert in Hamburg. John Lennon and Paul McCartney immediately recognized that Ringo would suit them better than the drummer Pete Best who was a drummer of The Beatles at that time. So, they quickly replaced him with Starr. Since August of 1962, Ringo Starr became a permanent member of the band. Some of the fans were disappointed by this decision. There were loud protests in the Cavern Club in Liverpool. The fans of Pete Best chanted: “Pete forever, Ringo never!” But with the rise of the band in the fall of the same year, the problems were quickly forgotten.

    A Balancing Factor

    The Beatles developed into a worldwide phenomenon and they were able to affect all areas of society. Ringo Starr took on the role of the class clown and the man who was resolving conflicts. Sometimes it was too much even for the down-to-earth rigid. During the recordings of the legendary White Album, he left the band and fled to the yacht of his friend Peter Sellers. By the way, he wrote one of his greatest hits called Octopus Garden on this boat. Lennon and McCartney, as leaders of the Beatles, always made sure that Starr received two songs on any new album and wrote the corresponding songs for him if necessary.

    The Beatles
    The Beatles

    When the history of the band was over, he started a solo career. His first single “It Don’t Come Easy” was the first solo hit by an ex-Beatle member that reached number 1 on the charts. George Harrison had written the song for Ringo. Since then, the drummer has released countless solo albums. Ringo is still touring around the world with his All Starr Band. He gathers numerous stars from other bands and interprets songs from his career and various rock classics.